4 Reasons to Shop Online

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It’s time to go shopping… What are the thoughts that enter your mind when you read those words? Do you think about the stores in the local mall or the local shopping center? Or do you think about your favorite online store? More and more people are beginning to shop online and here are 4 great reasons why.


Online retail stores offer consumers the ability to shop from the comfort of their homes or from anywhere else where they may have access to the internet. They can peruse the catalogs at their own pace and not feel rushed. In a brick and mortar store, this may not be the case. A brick and mortar store may be crowded with people or there may be several customers wanting to look at the same product.   


With online shopping, customers are no longer limited to store hours. Customers can shop and purchase at whatever time they choose. In addition, there are no long checkout lines and no more searching for a cashier to check you out. Furthermore, most online retail stores offer a wider variety of payment options, including Paypal, Amazon Pay, and Klarna. 


Online retail allows consumers to have access to products that may not be available for purchase locally. For instance, some consumers in smaller cities and towns like to shop at stores, like Macy’s that are only located in larger cities. Consumers all over the world now have access to Macy’s products through their website. In addition, some big retailers do not offer the same products in every branch of their stores. Customers can utilize the retailer’s website to see if a product is offered at a different branch, and then order the product and have it delivered to their residence or the local branch of the store. 

Also, some big retail stores such as Walmart may offer certain products in store and other products online only. Most of the products that Walmart offer online are from other companies that sell their products through Walmart’s online marketplace.  Recently, I was invited to a baby shower and the parents were registered at Walmart. Unfortunately, I waited until the last minute to purchase a gift. I went to the Customer Service Department and obtained the list of items on the registry. I was shocked to learn that over half of the items were only available online.


A significant benefit of online shopping is that consumers can compare the costs of products. Some online retailers may be able to offer a product at a lower cost than other online retailers. For example, a retailer may be able to purchase a larger quantity of a product in bulk and pay less per unit. The retailer can pass the lower cost to their customers by offering the product at a lower price. It is the same product but at a lower price. Also, some retailers may purchase from wholesalers who offer free shipping. Again, the retailer can pass this savings on to their customers.

These are just a few of the benefits of shopping online. Can you think of other benefits to shopping online as opposed to in a physical store? 


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